Universal Standard

Universal Standard adopted a headless architecture for its Shopify store on Nuxt, and lifted mobile conversion rate by 200%.
Case Study

At a Glance

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MoovForge partnered with Universal Standard, the most size inclusive clothing assortment in the world, to decouple their Shopify frontend from the backend. This freed the team to use best-in-class tools for delivering a sub-second responsive progressive web application on top of the Layer0 platform.

“The team is phenomenal. They always come to the table with ideas and a willingness to help—and they’re super knowledgeable.”

-Justin Metros, Head of Technology, Universal Standard

What We Did

As UniversalStandard.com became more complex on the Shopify platform, page loads slowed down and quick iterations became more difficult on the monolithic architecture. With Google’s 2021 Ranking Update on the horizon, the team knew they’d bear the SEO consequences if their digital experience wasn’t optimized for performance.

To gain site speed, MoovForge took Universal Standard headless through Shopify and Prismic APIs for content management and a GraphQL backend to fetch business data. Between the data layer and the frontend now lives Layer0 for caching GraphQL and Nuxt.js data. 

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With this new tech stack, page loads immediately dropped from 5 seconds to 1.5 seconds, out of the box. To further optimize for speed, the teams collaborated on a few savvy workarounds to develop a highly-cached site, while implementing updates and new features. The eCommerce website broke its record and now achieves sub-second page loads and passes Core Web Vitals.

To further boost SEO, the MoovForge team worked closely with Universal Standard’s SEO team and the Layer0 platform team to develop a method of managing individual redirects right in the Layer0 Console. This allowed for rapid updates to page redirects directly in the application without developer involvement required. Through these new implementations, UniversalStandard.com is outanking Macy’s and other major competitors in the search engine. 

In terms of developer velocity, updates are quicker and easier with a headless architecture. Previously, it could take weeks for the team to see their changes or new features. Now updates are broken in chunks, leading to more frequent deploys and less risk.

MoovForge continues to ensure that Universal Standard’s team has quality assurance, monitoring, testing, and analytics in place to get the most out of the new implementation. “As a customer of Layer0, I feel like we’re in really good hands,” stated Metros. 

In the end, this project succeeded in providing the fashion retailer the performance results they needed to enhance their digital experience and increase bottom-line growth. 

The collaboration between MoovForge and Universal Standard resulted in:

  • 88% faster page loads
  • 60% lower bounce rate
  • 200% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 81% increase in mobile revenue