Our product delivery methodology

Our agile delivery methodology enables us to produce exceptional results in record timeframes.

The delivery lifecycle

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How we engage

The most critical phase of any project is Discovery.

Our product manager, experience designer, and architect will schedule a series of sessions with your teams and users to capture all elements of your goals and vision.

From here, we translate those into an actionable and detailed requirements, designs, prototypes, and architecture blueprints. Before we ramp up the larger team, we iterate on these deliverables until you feel comfortable to sign off on them.

How we deliver

Our agile teams can work independently or operate jointly with your engineers to deliver the desired outcomes.

We generally work in two week sprints and deliver demoable and shippable software at the end of each iteration. We integrate quality assurance into the sprint cycle, then reserve a several weeks at the end of each delivery cycle for hardening, full regression testing, and optimization.


Post-launch continuity

The work doesn’t stop with the initial build.

Once the product is live and meets the test of real users, we continue optimizing and iterating to achieve the project’s full potential.

Over the long term we can own your application’s maintenance and ongoing evolution, or turn it over to your team to drive it.